The following stories are true and have happened within the last ten years.  Most have taken place right here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Gallstone Disappears

December 2018


Fredericton, NB

I had been experiencing increasingly painful symptoms in my bowel area and eventually went to have it checked out.  The doctor confirmed that I had a gallstone and set up an appointment to have it removed in December.

While having coffee with friends, we were led to lay hands on my stomach and command the gallstone to disappear.  Those were the exact words we used.  I sensed in my heart that it was done but still honored the appointment to have the stone removed.

The doctor did a preliminary x-ray and returned to my room with the results and some puzzlement.  He explained that they could find no trace of the gall stone.  It had disappeared.

The doctor could not understand what had happened, but I knew.  God removed the gallstone the previous week when we commanded it to leave in Jesus' name.

Freedom From Fear

February 2019


Fredericton, NB

I had grown up with many fears, having been born and raised in a harsh, loveless home with a violent father.  I'd always wanted to know God but could not seem to connect with Him in a meaningful way.  I knew He wasn't like my dad, but I didn't know what He WAS like.  My heart assumed He was constantly annoyed, frustrated and disappointed with me.  I felt that He had to love me since He created me, and I was afraid of His disappointment.

Then one day I read John 5:22 with new understanding.  It says that my heavenly Father does not judge me.  Instead He has assigned the job of judging me to His Son Jesus.  I began to cry as I received the realization that His heart for me was only love - not judgment, not irritation, not annoyed frustration.  It seemed like the poison of my pain was released as I cried because, from that day on, I KNOW that my heavenly Father loves me.  

After living with fear for so many years, it feels weird to be free.  But I really am free!
Instead of dreading what's coming, I'm literally laughing with joy in my heavenly Father's love!  I'm able to forgive my own parents and walk in peace with others.

Wheelchair Healing

November 2018



Several of us from Fredericton traveled to Mexico to share God's power to save and heal.  One day I spotted a well-dressed lady in a wheelchair in a side street.  We approached as asked if we could pray for her legs to be healed.  She cautiously agreed and we prayed together, speaking the healing of God into her legs.  We then asked her if she felt anything different in her legs but she said that nothing had changed.

So we asked her if we could pray again and she said yes.  This time, her legs shot out straight in front of her.  Her eyes got big, she stood up, and then she began to dance.  God had totally healed her legs!  When we left her, she was pushing her own wheelchair around.

Back & Leg Healing

October 2017


Lancaster, PA

In December 1998 (grade 12) I was playing in a school concert.  I remember this because I told my mom after the show that I had a hard time playing - my fingers didn't want to move as fast as they usually did.  That simple little thing would play a huge part in what happened over the next 6 months: I started to lose my appetite, my right hand worked less and less, my hand writing was failing, I was tired all the time, and I was losing my balance at random times.  I would eat breakfast in the morning before school, quickly get up and run out of the kitchen - smashing into the door frame on my way to the bathroom - to throw up.

My parents made an appointment for me with an ears and throat specialist in Charlottetown, PEI, who thought that part of the issue had something to do with the middle ear because of my lack of balance.  The doctor found no issues with my ears, but said "From everything you are describing, there is a bigger problem." He then made an appointment for me to get a CAT scan.  Since there was no one there qualified enough to read the scan results, I would have to take them to a neurosurgeon in Moncton, NB.  When I got out to the car with the pictures, the first thing I did was open up the large envelope and have a look at my brain.  I mean, how many people can actually say that they saw their own brain?  When I looked, I could see a fairly large black mass on my brain.  Now, I'm no expert by any means, but I was pretty sure it was not supposed to be there.  When we got to Moncton and the neurosurgeon saw the pictures, he demanded an immediate MRI, ahead of everyone else waiting.  By the time I had returned to his office in a few minutes he had the results. His next words are etched into my memory. "You cannot lay down again until this is dealt with.  If you do, you could be dead within 20 minutes."  He then told me that I had a tumor around my brain stem and discussed the risky surgery required: he could cut 1 mm this way and I would be blind, cut 1 mm that way and I could lose the ability to speak, another way and I would lose the ability to walk, another way and I could be paralyzed from the neck down, then finally I could either be brain dead or just plain dead. He asked if I had questions. My only question was "What happens if you don't do the surgery?" His answer was "You'd get sicker and sicker until you died." So.... 18 years old and was faced with mortality. There was no question - it had to be done. Either I would die or I would have the possibility of a complicated life.

I went home for a week.  The time frames are blurry at best. I remember sleeping while sitting up. I remember for the next few days going to school and saying goodbye to my friends and teachers. Some cried, everyone was telling me that I was brave and very calm about the whole thing.  I didn't feel brave at all - I didn't know what I felt because it was just something that needed to be done.  My mom was a mess. I'm sure my Dad was upset too...  When we returned to Moncton, I waited a week or so before my operation.  At this point I had a hard time walking, my speech was a bit slurred and my eyesight wasn't all that great... everything seemed darker.  While my classmates were having their graduation, I was being prepared for surgery and having my head shaved.  The surgery was a success. It took 8 hours and 7 neurosurgeons.  I was told afterward that my parents came to see me in the recovery room and that I had looked at them, smiled and said "Hi mom... what's next?".  I was also told that during the first night my head hemorrhaged and my heart stopped. I was dead for a while and then revived with a defibrillator.  It wasn't until well after the surgery that I was told about how bad it was. Apparently it was an Anaplastic Astrocytoma - a Grade Three cancerous tumor. But I was also told by the head neurosurgeon that he has never seen anything like it: my tumor was completely encased in a cyst. It was as if God had his hands around the tumor - it didn't have the chance to spread at all. As a precaution they were going to give me the maximum dose of radiation to kill off anything that may be left.  I went to a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist as I had to relearn how to say a lot of words and work on the control of my right arm and leg.  In the meantime I taught myself to use my left hand for writing and drawing.  The specialist said that since the use of my right leg was so bad, I may end up in a wheelchair. That was OK with me - I was still alive and my mind was intact.  God had done a miracle!  

While I was in the hospital for my physiotherapy, the back of my head filled with spinal fluid and needed to be drained immediately.  This had never been done at the Charlottetown hospital where I was, so the room was filled with nurses and student nurses so they could see a real life spinal tap.  The procedure is done by putting a long curved needle between the vertebrae and allowing the spinal fluid to drain out.  If done wrong, a nerve can be hit causing severe pain and a person can either lose feeling in the legs (possibly permanently) or lose the ability to walk.  That nerve was hit. That was one of only two times that I screamed in pain and cried during this whole brain surgery/recovery situation.  I didn't lose feeling in my legs nor did I lose the ability to walk, but it caused terrible back pain.  But I was still OK with this: given all the things that could have gone wrong, God had done amazing things!

I was told by the doctor that because of the high dose of radiation that I was scheduled to have, there was a good chance that I would never have kids. Again, I was OK with that. God had already done so much for me.  I made fun of the fact that I staggered when I walked and even carried an empty beer can for a while to explain the staggering.  I then went to college and became an End User Support Specialist. I learned to cope with a right leg that wouldn't cooperate and sometimes try to bend the other way.  I even learned to cope with my right arm/hand that wasn't much good for anything other than holding and lifting things.

Years went by and I met the most wonderful and beautiful person in the world.  Her name was Pam.  I think I asked her on our first date if she would marry me.  I wore her down and we married and eventually moved to Fredericton.  Somewhere along this point in my life the feeling came back in my right arm.  A healthy baby girl we named Annastasia Rayne Dunville was born August 10th 2007.  A few years went by and we had a second child, a healthy baby girl we named Evangeline Lily Dunville born March 10th 2010.  My story shows people the hope we have in God, that He preforms miracles!  With everything that I went through and all the worst case scenarios that I was told, I was still able to think, I was able to walk, even to run with my kids, which I was told I might not even be able to have.  Yes there was pain to varying degrees and walking/running was the worst, but God had done so many things in my life that I felt there was no reason to ask for more.


However my wife convinced me that this wasn't what God intended and that I could be healed of what I had learned to live with. I began praying and asking for prayer.  Nothing changed in the next while but I kept praying.  In October 2017, Pam and I decided to go to the "Voice of The Apostles" in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  After 15 or 16 hours of driving from Minto, NB, Canada, we got to the location just in time for it to start.  It was amazing: four thousand people singing and worshiping God.  It was the first time I had ever been a part of something like that.  When it was over it was late, but Pam said "They are offering healing prayer at the front - we should go up."  I was very tired and in a lot of pain; even after a 1 hour drive my back and legs are sore and stiff.  But I went up for her sake.  There were three young guys who asked me what I was looking for. This time I didn't form it as a plea; I simply stated "I'm going to be healed."  They prayed and the shaking stopped in my leg.  They prayed again and my back stopped hurting.  They prayed a third time and I stood up straight!  They got me to walk a ways from them, turn around and come back.  I started walking, I turned and I began crying because it felt so different.  Pam was bawling because she had never seen me walk without a limp before!  I was healed!  I was able to jump and run without any pain!  I was able to hold things in my right hand without them shaking.

The next morning we were sitting in the arena listening to another speaker and I started to cry again.  Pam asked me what was wrong and I said "Nothing".  There was nothing wrong.  Usually when I sat, I was always shaking, twitching, or having a muscle spasm.  Now I was finally still.  When you live with something for half your life and all of a sudden it's gone, it's quite an experience.  I can now do so many things that I wasn't able to do before, I'm still in awe.  I used to clap by keeping one hand still and moving the other.  I used to butter a piece of bread by holding the knife still and moving the bread.  Now I can pray and worship standing up with my eyes closed instead of losing my balance and falling.  I can stand and put on a pair of pants!  I can ride an actual bicycle!  This past summer I built a greenhouse from the ground up: laying the foundation, framing, roofing.  A year previous I wasn't even able climb a ladder.  

I will end this by saying: If you try to use your own understanding about things you'll be rather disappointed.  Leaning on God during the good times and the bad times is important!  Always have faith in Him!  He is always listening!  Always be grateful - always - be grateful for the good things and be grateful for the light that he continues to shine through the hard times!

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